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COVID Vaccine FAQ’s (updated 12-18)

COVID Vaccine related questions:

When will a vaccine be available in our area?

The vaccines are already beginning to be distributed in the DFW area now. It is first being distributed to some of the larger hospital systems.

What are the risks of getting a vaccine?

The risks should be minimal. Though the trials were performed fairly quickly, the process was thorough and the vaccine is felt to be safe. Please check with your primary care doctor as to any particular questions involving your individual situation.

What are the side effects?

The side effects should be no more than what you might expect from the flu vaccine. Please check with your primary care physician to see how it may affect you personally.

Which vaccine would you recommend?

At this point, all appear to be effective. As the rollout happens, different ones may be available at different times.

Will I be able to get a vaccine at Family HealthCare Associates?

FHCA is on the list to be able to administer the vaccine, but have not yet been notified of the process to give the vaccine. Stay tuned to our website for further information.

Who will be eligible to receive a vaccine?

The state of Texas has a list of priority as to who should receive the vaccine. At the top of the list are front-line health care workers and some nursing home residents. Further on down the list are those over 65 and those people with a chronic health condition.

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